New Video "(Un)comfortable" Out Now On Impose Magazine!

We've just released a new video for our song "(Un)"comfortable, directed by Ian Schneider and Sam Margevicius. Check it out here!

"Immersing yourself in a contrasting environment sometimes leads to a whole new branch of art within your chosen medium. In the case of New York based Gracie and Rachel, the duo originates from California, fusing the calmness of the Pacific with the chaos New York can imprint on a mind. Their latest video for the track “(Un)comfortable” is a melancholic black and white four minutes, driven by both rich, layered violins (provided by Rachel), and ethereal vocals. The video displays both Gracie and Rachel, but they are never acting together, essentially existing on different planes. It’s a needed look at coexisting, the act of being supportive but separate as well."

-Impose Magazine